My Story So Far

I was one of the founders of Intuition Games, and I helped design and develop a game called Dinowaurs with Josh Larson, Greg Wohlwend, Mike Boxleiter, and Joe Bergeron.  I’m no longer an owner of Intuition, but instead a member of the Collective.  Before that I was an Art Director and lead artist for VRAC and worked on some really cool active-stereoscopic 3D projects.  While in college I made a game with some friends called Treefort Wars that was an 2004 Independent Games Festival Student Showcase finalist.

Now, I’m slowly learning how to program (early stages still), and for work I’m doing freelance game art for other independent game developers.  If you’re looking for a game artist and you like my work or just want to say hey drop me an email.

In a nutshell, I have an inner drive for making art and I love games.

A Passion to Create

I’ve had a strong desire to draw and create for as long as I can remember. Today I make video games, an amazing interdisciplinary medium that I have a tremendous appreciation for after experiencing the vast amount of dedication required to create them. Being able to play something I’ve helped create and share hours of enjoyment with other people makes game development deeply satisfying and unlike any other discipline. I strive to contribute to the interactive medium: fresh ideas, innovative design, intuitive interaction, unique and memorable visual styles, and inspiring experiences.

Hey! Bad dog!