Developer: Intuition Games (Mike Boxleiter, Greg Wohlwend, Josh Larson, Joe Bergeron, and me)
Platform: Flash Web based
Genre: Multiplayer Online Fighting Game
Involvement: Concept Artist – Character Design – Environment Artist

What is Dinowaurs?

Dinowaurs is a 1 vs 1 online fighting game where players each use an artillery-equipped dinosaur to battle for territory and survival.  This game is a Premium Game I helped design and develop along with Mike Boxleiter, Josh Larson, Greg Wohlwend, and Joe Bergeron. We co-founded Intuition Games in an adventure to start our own small company making independent video games designed and developed by us, and this was our first project.  Intuition Games has a development blog and forums for players to get involved in the development process.

Websites, Articles, and Press article about our company

Gamasutra article about Premium Games with Kongregate


For the Dinowaurs Logo I started from a crest concept design that Greg had made. I kept most of his layout and outline work and then repainted it to make it look textured and illustrated.


“One of the first things you will notice when playing Dinowaurs is the art style. The backgrounds for each of the battlefields are lovely to look at. An artistic backdrop for the carnage that is happening in the foreground to be sure.” – Marcus

super secret space filler

There is 1 arena representing each of the 4 regions in Dinowaurs. The Desert Arena is an arid land full of red rocks, sand and cacti. Each arena is made up of 4 layers that use parallax, moving at different speeds to simulate depth. Each time you play a match the arena’s terrain layer is randomly chosen from a list of predesigned maps to add variety to the arenas.


This arena is my favorite as you might have guessed from it’s large estate on this page. The vegetation was a lot of fun to make.


The Snow Mountain Arena and some village concepts at different tier levels. The higher the tier level is, the stronger and more expensive the weapons are that you can buy.


A Tarpit from the Wasteland Arena. ‘Slowzones’ like these slow down your dino, but if you have a jetpack getting past them is a breeze.


Press the “HQ” button for high quality video


I created this sculpey figurine of a stegosaurus that we sent to Chris Pasley to thank him for reading our game pitch. It’s good to show people you care.