Glitch Art

Posted on August 31st, 2008 by tedmartens

Throughout our time making games and using computers in general, my friends and I have run into some interesting glitches. Sometimes it would be an art program that was going crazy. For example, a few times 3D Studio Max would stop refreshing the screen everyframe, and every movement you made on the screen in the perspective view window would streak and create very interesting abstract pictures. So many of them looked cool that we started calling it “glitch art”, and took screenshots whenever we could. Here is one example that just happened to me. After being asleep and unplugged for so long that it ran out of battery power, I opened my laptop and it showed all of the windows I had open, but they were grayed out. Then this happened. Rainbow colored static. “Shit! my computer is screwed up :( …but this screwed up rainbow-static glitch art it made is awesome! :D”


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