Developer: The Virtual Reality Applications Center
Platform: The C6
Genre: FPS Style Exploring
Involvement: Art Director – 3D modeler – Texture Artist – Concept Artist – Environment Artist

What is the Lost Island?

The idea of this project was to create something eye catching and fun that anyone visiting the Virtual Reality Applications Center (VRAC) would enjoy.  We wanted it to be an experience with an emphasis on exploration, so we came up with the Lost Island concept. The player uses a wireless game controller to walk or drive a hovercraft around and explore a shipwreck, ancient temple, and cliffs of the island.  One of the very unique things about this application and others at VRAC is the player is standing in a room surrounded by this world on all surfaces.  All walls, and the ceiling, and floor are screens.  This room, called the “C6”, is an immersive virtual reality room powered by 96 gpu’s displaying 3D applications all around you in active stereo.  It’s quite an amazing site displaying over 100 million pixels using 24 of the highest resolution projectors in production, and was quite a unique challenge to develop for.