Here are some of my works in progress, game ideas, cartoon and video game characters, sketches, and other work.

Cave Story fan art by Ted MartensFan art I drew of the game Cave Story created by Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya. Printed in Nintendo Power magazine – March 2011 #265

Turbo Granny Box ArtBox art I made for Turbo Granny by PixelJam, a flash game on

A surreal game idea about a deep space journey.

An iPhone game that I’m casually making with my friend Ken Kopecky. We’re calling it “Tower Defense“. Just kidding.

This trailer is for a game engine made by Miroslav Adamus for Cinemax s.r.o. an independent game company based in Prague. I worked with Miro and Cinemax on a game, and some of my art is in the video.