Developer: Annex Labs – a Student Project at ISU
Platform: PC Downloadable
Genre: Space Flight / Shooter
Involvement: Concept Artist – 3D Modeler – Texture Artist

What is Rhino?

Rhino is a PC game designed and developed from scratch for the same game design class as Treefort Wars. It was made in 2004 by many members of the Treefort Wars team, including me, and was our second submission to the Independent Games Festival Student Showcase held at the Game Developers Conference. It was a short project that we had a lot of fun with. We were all really into Cowboy Bebop at the time :) The game is about an orbital maintenance ship with the duty to protect a space station from asteroids and dangerous debris. You maneuver your small ship in freeform frictionless space flight while shooting both regular and homing missiles at incoming asteroids. The game also features different space radio stations with unique music and DJ commentary to keep you mildly entertained while you clean up the final frontier…alone. It’s not exactly a dream job, but it pays the bills.

For graphics, the game has per-pixel lighting using normal maps generated from geometry, specular maps, glow maps, a bloom effect for glowing objects, and multiple levels of shader complexity for slower computers and older graphics cards.